assalammualaikum w.b.t..

uish..sangat lama tak menjenguk blog..last post was on 26th February..almost 2 months.. busy actually..starting from february, prepare for phase 2 professional exam on 21st march..then a week after exam...result came out and alhamdulillah me n my best girls passed :)

proceed to next phase..clinical years with more challenging and experience as a medical students..learn more about how to manage patients in clinical i ready to face it?still feel not knowledgeable :(

A week after result was announced..i was admitted to HUSM, prepare for orthognathic surgery on the next day. sekarang dah lebih 2 minggu post-operation..1 week after operation was the hardest time:( alhamdulillah now dah boleh makan walaupun just blended food..weight loss dah taktau berapa kg...hope everything gonna be fine:)

1 week post-op my face bloating up!swelling..scars on corner of my mouth..n my face changed a bit...hope my fren still recognize me.

whatever it is, sangat bersyukur atas semuanya. banyaknya nikmat kurniaanNya..ya allah walau banyak dosa dan maksiat kami lakukan dalam kehidupan ini, kasihMu sentiasa mendahului kemurkaanMu..

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 7:49 PM , 2 Comments