2 bulan

assalammualaikum w.b.t

pejam celik pejam celik...dah 2 bulan we've been married :) alhamdulillah atas segala nikmatMU ya allah..and 3 months more towards my professional exam waaaaa~ i'm so scared..keep wondering whether i could make it or not..

yesterday was my interview with SPA, and honestly I'm not so prepared for it...bacala juga FAQ SPA, dok menghafal... n in history (in my life la kan..) i'm the last person for that interview seksanya menunggu, can't stand for the anxious feeling for so long...the same feeling when i'm sitting for any exam..but alhamdulillah, it's over and rasa cam best plak bersembang dengan interviewer tu hehe..they're so nice..but medical part i screwed it a bit..jawab management berterabur..huhu actually i tried direct the doctor to ask me regarding my current posting which is psychiatry (fresh lagi kn....tanyala schizo ke bipolar ke...huhu) but he said i prefered emergency medicine..huhu cemas dah time tu coz i know he will definitely ask me about polytrauma n flail chest like previous candidate...but i let him knew that i'm not doing A&E posting yet (A&E will be my next posting after this) so he ask me about medical based question which i leave it for so long since i'm in 4th year..alhamdulillah it's all about 42y.o malay gentleman came with the history of chest pain..how u manage? so i just answered but berterabur skit...whatever it is..alhamdulillah n look forward :)

last month my husband gave me a very special present...:) he brought me to KOREA for our honeymoon...thanks to allah for all the blessing :) it was chinese new year holiday...bermakna the last cuti panjang ever!huhu..i've great time there, great moments, great experience in winter and skiing haha..n "skin desquamation"...dah memang kulit orang Malaysia kan...huhu..alhamdulillah dapat melihat keindahan Allah ciptakan kat sana...sangat cantik...then after coming back to malaysia, we got free ticket entry to universal studio singapore:) thanx to my brother-in-law. and special thanx to my beloved husband yang temankan juga naik segala high speed roller coaster yang saya teringin sangat nak naik even demam terkena penangan winter korea hehe..

after all the happiness...now it's the time to focus most to my coming pro exam in june..huhu..wish me luck n pray for me..may allah ease everything :) amiiinnnn...

one and only masjid in Seoul...the place named Itaewon

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