finally, 2 days more...

asslammualaikum w.b.t

alhamdulillah..hari ini masih diberi peluang menjalani hidup seperti biasa...rutin yang biasa selama almost 1 month...berulang-alik ke year insyaallah jika umur panjang...saya akan bekerja mungkin di hospital yang sama yang hanya cuti sehari dalam 2 minggu...that's what my MO said...huhu..

weekend haritu keluar bersama-sama my course-mate yang elective sama2..actually we want to celebrate yana's birthday...after all, we've fun together..mengakhiri sisa-sisa hidup kanak-kanak yang tak mungkin dapat dirasai tahun depan huhu...

thanx fiza,yana&faiz..

just 2 days left before i complete my elective posting...assessment form pun dh di hantar..tomorrow we'll buy something for our MOs insyaallah...banyak yang mereka bantu sepanjang elektif kat sini...doktor and nurse garang2 just rumors kot...adalah yang i think biasalah they wanna give the best for patient..urm...

my MOs ada juga bagi become a doctor,we don't need a genius...genius sometimes not even perform well during working...what we want is terms of and read...then he told us about his experiences...then he said, no matter where you are graduated good attitude and keen to learn...that's the most important...after that you have to think....what you wanna be in your life..

just a diary of myself...moga ada hari esok ya allah untukku melalui kehidupan ini..kadang-kadang kita terlalu bersemangat ingin mencapai sesuatu dalam kehidupan sehingga kadang terlupa kecintaan kita pada Dia yang menciptakan...moga cita-cita seiringan dengan bekalan pengakhiran kehidupan...have a nice day!! :)

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business kek kukus :)

ustaz rosli, kak rabiah & kak ti:)

assalammualaikum w.b.t..

hari ni sangatlah penat...started from 2 days ago...saya pulun membuat kek kukus n banyak juga dibantu oleh mak n kakak saya...:) habis je elektif kat hospital 5pm..balik rumah membuat kek kukus coklat...sangat simple n sedap...actually i got the recipe from kasih banyak2 kepada contributor, from this website jg saya banyak dapatkan resipi2 masakan kesukaan yg sangat mudah n so yummy !! especially pastry..hee menambahkan skill yg sangatla tak pandai ni...

sebahagian daripada kek yang dijual:)

then i got the idea, daripada takde keje kepada membuat kek kukus sepenuh masa selama 2 hari before hari kantin sekolah kebangsaan khir johari hehe...alhamdulillah...sambutan sangat laris habis terjual pagi tadi...ada tu datang balik beli lagi :) al-maklum la kanak2 memang suka kn...ditambah pula mendapat tempahan cikgu pada hari isnin terpaksalah saya siapkan bersengkang mata pulak esok :)

saya join tumpang sekaki gerai jualan J-QAF.ustaz2 n ustazah sangatlah havoc!hee...diorang jual mee celup and air..and saya float+kek kukus + home deco :) seronok jg lama tak berniaga..last zaman sekolah :)

tapi yang tak menariknya hari ini...saya terseret sikit kete one of the teacher..kereta yang crowded menyebabkan saya ter'hilang kawalan' or ilusi optik...benda dah nak jadi nak wat macam mana kn:( of my life time experience...apa-apa pun alhamdulillah :) cuti 4th year yang mungkin saya tak akan rasakan tahun depan...the last year ever before graduate..huhu...

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assalammualaikum w.b.t..

hye i went home disappointingly, that pakcik i took blood c+s seems like bising2 like i'm hurting i failed!huhu...but another things that make my day because that pakcik has almost all the signs of typical Tricuspid Regurgitation...(it's something a kind of pathology to one of the heart's valve) then we're able to discuss with MO about that..the MO said..there're so many causes we could read from the text book/internet but clinically i often see just 3 things..

1)ischaemic heart disease
2)rheumatic fever
3)infective endocarditis (>IVDU)

other than that, new things that i found is 'cardiac cirrhosis' one of the MO said it's actually a combination of right ventricular failure and liver cirrhosis..congestive hepatopathy..generally from medscape:

"Cardiac cirrhosis (congestive hepatopathy) includes a spectrum of hepatic derangements that occur in the setting of right-sided heart failure. Clinically, the signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure (CHF) dominate the disorder. Unlike cirrhosis caused by chronic alcohol use or viral hepatitis, the effect of cardiac cirrhosis on overall prognosis has not been clearly established. As a result, treatment is aimed at managing the underlying heart failure."

1 case few weeks before..a 60years old malay lady with a known case of hypertension presented with complaint of skin redness over the medial thigh 1 week prior to admission..briefly the lesion progressively worsens and spread to the trunk, upper limbs then to lower limbs..initially, it was non-raised lesion but then became like 'maculopapular' and blister over the body...finally the dx was pemphigoid...erm...generally, i just want to give some idea to us to know the differences between the pemphigoid vs's an interesting case that rarely we can find in clinical settings here...

huhu another disappointment because during dermatology tutorial asyik main je...huhu

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2nd week..

assalammualaikum w.b.t..

sekarang dah pun habis 2nd week of my elective posting in HSA,JB.erm...this week went just like usual...but there was interesting activities we've been go through...i helped the HO & MO resuscitate patient..doing the CPR. continuous chest's really tiring i tell you..even i just replaced the HO for just about 10minutes..sweat a lot after that..hehe..but at last doc didn't manage to save her...she is from myanmar, diagnosed to have Pulmonary tuberculosis meningitis...than at the evening, another 1 patient failed to survive...looked at their relatives,friends and children..really touched my heart..but started from now, i must be strong and do not influence by the emotions..huhu..kematian tu suatu kemestian pada setiap yang bernyawa..moga kita sebagai umat Islam dapat mengakhiri kehidupan ini dengan husnul khotimah..

on the other day, i've joined clinical teaching of final year student from an IPTS. here i just realized the difference between us USM n that IPTS..just my point of view, their teaching was very simple...i mean the history and PE really not formal...the way they present it..and examine patient..the history sometimes very short and not complete..may be their teaching wasn't like us. i don't know..

tak kirala kat mana pn kita's just the same..tapi bila elektif ni,rasa sangat tak sabar tunggu weekend..hai canela keje nanti...tomorrow nk g picnic ngn family kat pantai :) lama tak relax2 melihat kebesaran Allah...have a nice day!!

p/s:one of the MO said..when u are working..the situation is totally diffrent from theory..clinically and theoritically...2 diffrent what i need the most..GOOD ATTITUDE..and spent a lot of times with patient in the ward...that would always be the same 'rule' for all medical students..erm..

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just give a try..

assalammualaikum w.b.t..

just coming back from hospital..during this first week,nothing much i can do. actually we're not allowed to take blood or do any procedure that could harm ourselves. as the assistant of head of medical department said, never mind you can learn during HO. now you don't have any insurance to cover yourself if anything happen., we just pasrah for that reason..

we just clerk and examine patient in the ward. however, today the HO gave me an opportunity to improve my skill. he asked me to insert the branula. actually, i never insert a branula to an elderly patient. the reason because i'm afraid to do harm to patient. even to take blood, i do prefer younger patient and O&G. pregnant lady much easier because their vessels are dilated. waaa..i didn't have the confident at all. but, alhamdulillah, with the courage and guidance from him, i'm able to insert the branula to the first elderly patient successfully.. thanx allah...thanx dr..

may be it's just an ordinary story..but it's mean a lot for me...may allah ease always :)

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it's the end of 4th year..

assalammualaikum w.b.t

alhamdulillah..4th year saya berakhir lebih kurang 2 minggu yang lepas. suka, duka...esak tangis...sedih dan gembira semua telah saya lalui...banyak perkara yang berlaku...banyak juga keputusan saya yang menimbulkan tanda tanya dan isu-isu yang kadang-kala saya juga tidak faham pucuk pangkalnya. rasa sedih dan marah bukan kepalang..namun semua tidak dilepaskan..

sebab sangat memikirkan hati dan perasaan orang lain daripada perasaan sendiri..susahkan jadi orang yang memendam perasaan. kadang-kadang niat kita untuk tak memburukkan keadaan if we throw everything we've kept inside for so long...tapi yang sebaliknya pula berlaku..jadi, saya belajar...ada certain perkara yang kita tak boleh guna pakai as silence is the best...sometimes it turns the other way round..and that silence will kill us from inside...erm...faham tak?

so, dalam sesuatu perkara, saya tak rasa dengan mendiamkan diri akan membuatkan orang lain faham apa yang kita mahukan, kita mahukan orang melupakan atau berlapang dada as what we did...just let the things go with the flow..but..tanpa memberitahu pada orang lain apa yang kita rasa...orang lain tak kan tahu...dan disitulah banyak spekulasi yang akan ditimbulkan...dan akhirnya...salah faham yang dari awal sudah timbul akan berlanjutan sehingga ke akhirnya..

erm...moga saya dapat sentiasa berlapang dada dalam setiap perkara..berlapang dada yang saya pupuk moga dapat terus bertahan...sebab saya sudah dapat rasakan kemanisan berlapang dada ini...masalah yang ada tidak lagi menghantui kita..rasa marah dan sedih dalam sekejap kita dapat buangkan ia jauh2...kerana dengan berlapang dada, kita akan sentiasa berpaut pada allah, memohon kepadanya semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..jika ujian yang datang...kita akan mencari DIA yang sentiasa bersama kita hamba-hambaNYA...

saya harap ia juga dapat memberi inspirasi kepada orang lain...berlapang dadalah sentiasa...dan elakkan rasa negatif terhadap org lain...kerana rasa negatif hanya akan membebankan jiwa dan hidup kita.

minggu depan saya akan memulakan elektif saya di sebuah hospital. dengar kata, doktor dan nurse kat sana dapat posting medikal..hurm...saya harap ia takkan menjadi kenangan paling pahit sepanjang saya bergelar pelajar perubatan..semoga allah permudahkan...:) have a nice day!!

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