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hye i went home disappointingly, that pakcik i took blood c+s seems like bising2 like i'm hurting i failed!huhu...but another things that make my day because that pakcik has almost all the signs of typical Tricuspid Regurgitation...(it's something a kind of pathology to one of the heart's valve) then we're able to discuss with MO about that..the MO said..there're so many causes we could read from the text book/internet but clinically i often see just 3 things..

1)ischaemic heart disease
2)rheumatic fever
3)infective endocarditis (>IVDU)

other than that, new things that i found is 'cardiac cirrhosis' one of the MO said it's actually a combination of right ventricular failure and liver cirrhosis..congestive hepatopathy..generally from medscape:

"Cardiac cirrhosis (congestive hepatopathy) includes a spectrum of hepatic derangements that occur in the setting of right-sided heart failure. Clinically, the signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure (CHF) dominate the disorder. Unlike cirrhosis caused by chronic alcohol use or viral hepatitis, the effect of cardiac cirrhosis on overall prognosis has not been clearly established. As a result, treatment is aimed at managing the underlying heart failure."

1 case few weeks before..a 60years old malay lady with a known case of hypertension presented with complaint of skin redness over the medial thigh 1 week prior to admission..briefly the lesion progressively worsens and spread to the trunk, upper limbs then to lower limbs..initially, it was non-raised lesion but then became like 'maculopapular' and blister over the body...finally the dx was pemphigoid...erm...generally, i just want to give some idea to us to know the differences between the pemphigoid vs's an interesting case that rarely we can find in clinical settings here...

huhu another disappointment because during dermatology tutorial asyik main je...huhu

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 7:02 PM

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