2nd week..

assalammualaikum w.b.t..

sekarang dah pun habis 2nd week of my elective posting in HSA,JB.erm...this week went just like usual...but there was interesting activities we've been go through...i helped the HO & MO resuscitate patient..doing the CPR. continuous chest compression..it's really tiring i tell you..even i just replaced the HO for just about 10minutes..sweat a lot after that..hehe..but at last doc didn't manage to save her...she is from myanmar, diagnosed to have Pulmonary tuberculosis meningitis...than at the evening, another 1 patient failed to survive...looked at their relatives,friends and children..really touched my heart..but started from now, i must be strong and do not influence by the emotions..huhu..kematian tu suatu kemestian pada setiap yang bernyawa..moga kita sebagai umat Islam dapat mengakhiri kehidupan ini dengan husnul khotimah..

on the other day, i've joined clinical teaching of final year student from an IPTS. here i just realized the difference between us USM n that IPTS..just my point of view, their teaching was very simple...i mean the history and PE really not formal...the way they present it..and examine patient..the history sometimes very short and not complete..may be their teaching wasn't like us. i don't know..

tak kirala kat mana pn kita belajar...it's just the same..tapi bila elektif ni,rasa sangat tak sabar tunggu weekend..hai canela keje nanti...tomorrow nk g picnic ngn family kat pantai :) lama tak relax2 melihat kebesaran Allah...have a nice day!!

p/s:one of the MO said..when u are working..the situation is totally diffrent from theory..clinically and theoritically...2 diffrent things..so what i need the most..GOOD ATTITUDE..and spent a lot of times with patient in the ward...that would always be the same 'rule' for all medical students..erm..

Friday, June 17, 2011 at 10:05 PM

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