community&family case studies

this is my sgt masuk kg angkat baik sgt2..terubat rindu kat mak huhu..
we've to make a survey on the health level of the villagers in Kg. Batu Tumbuh, Besut was fun..
being in the community for about means a lot..i've learned new things especially the way to communicate with different levels of my point of view during the survey, org yg kita kata 'educated' but actually lack of of my colleagues hv experienced this..adake dia pegi tutup lampu luar rumah after my fren ni bg salam..kalu ye pon xnk diganggu at least tanya la dlu kn apa hal..or maybe he kind of xnk amek peduli a moral value..walau setinggi mana pn kita belajar,or setinggi mana pn jawatan kita,or..sebesar mana pn rumah kita<--rumah org tue la...just be humble...we should treat everyone equally..allah xpandang tue sume kan..

another thing is...bad day,the result came out at isn't lighting up my day..this yr i should work hard...malunye..malu ngn mak,family n kwn2..though i'm look happy but deep in my heart i'm of my fren yg study kat toronto kata...just forget the past,u've try the best then try harder nx time..thanks fakh for that words.i really appreciate my frens yg senasib dgn ku MEDDEN USM YR2 08/09..try our best nx time..aja2!!fighting!!
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Sekarang ni...aku sgt2 sibuk..Minggu Penghayatan Islam ke-11 dah bermula..i tought my task will end soon..but seems like...things never change!!hectic life..most everyday i got things to do, it's all about penajaan..sponsor..i need to work hard collecting as much as possible for MPI. Trials and tribulation of this make me 'suffocated in my own life as a student'...try to 'negotiate' with the 'pengarah MPI' to stop but things turn up in other way. So nk xnk, ak kenala pegang amanah ni..teruskan jg selling those stuff yg mcm xpnh nye nk hbs! semoga allah permudahkan urusan aku dan sahabat2. i do appreciate all my friends yg byk membantu especially transportation. bunch of thnx n lurves to you all. hanya allah yg mampu membalas.

tomorrow i need to think again about new stock. arghh!!my study again...this coming thursday another test.wat keje menjualni mcm nk jd bussiness woman dh! dah menyahut seruan MARA time ak kat MRSM dulu 'USAHAWAN KERJAYA PILIHAN' la pulak..mana pergi cita2 nk jd doktor ni?nk tolong org? arghh!! dh xbtul!tought like i need a consultant on psychiatry illness!do i need personality improvement?or personality development???

xsabar nk tempuh new experience staying with keluarga angkat kat kg Batu Tumboh, besut, hopefully dpt yg OK. indeed, it's a process of developing personality too. adapting with new family n community..

berkata pada diri ini...

now dr deepbless,
u have to be strong..
kau bkn lalang meliuk-lentuk di bawa angin...
kau harus jd umpama ikan <
ikan yg siripnya dua tapi blh menongkah arus..
meredah lautan...beribu batu jauhnya..<
yep! set up ur mind, set up new aim..

salam maal hijrah!
happy new yr 2009!

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