heart disease..oh...heart disease...

with the name of allah..the most merciful...the most gracious...


Dah lama xmenulis…it’s quite a long time since 18th oct hehe… today I got an interesting topic which I think it’s necessary to share with others…english pn rasa makin teruk..but i'll do my best.any comments or compliment(kalau ada hehe) bgtau je k...g pun nk improve english jugak menulis ni..

Now I’m in 3rd week cardiovascular block..which mostly touch on the ischaemic heart disease(IHD), hypertension, breathlessness and rheumatic HD..something troubling my mind…why?we should study those kind of diseases???(what kind of quest it is)because…we’ve developed those diseases since we were in our mother’s womb actually—this is what one of my lecturer said…kalau nk sihat...bgtau ur mom mkn vege byk2 during pregnant..it'll reduce the risk of getting IHD..insyaallah if we're practice healthy lifestyle constantly..

i would like to share something..Dr. mazlyn one of my phisio lect had triggered me about an article 'why animals not get heart disease'.This cardivascular epidemic have cost hundreds of million of lives..u know what???the writer, Dr. Matthias Rath said based on his study...we the human being can't produce vitamin c which animals can produce by their own body..wht is it??Vit C can protects our blood vessel walls..we're unable to produce vit c and with inadequate dietary intake of this vit will weakens the blood vessels walls..as we already know the cardiovascualar diseases are mostly involved the blood vessels...for instance the atherosclerosis..plaque deposits in the vessels..so readers out there...mission of Dr. Rath...

let us declare the 21st century as the century of eradicating heart disease...makan sayur byk2..u r x just reduce the risk of getting heart disease but also colon cancer=)

em pendek jela...hehe...study balik..time is the most precious!!

"knowledge is power"

Friday, October 24, 2008 at 11:51 PM

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