at last...

so bored~

at last the exam was over!what can i say?OSCE,SEQ,clinical OSCE and MCQ>>terrible?? bak kata wan iliana "i can foresee my result" *sigh* need to improve and struggle for professional 2 exam 3rd yr! come on akmal wake up! those pathophysio, pathogenesis, arghhh!! one more thing that i reaallly malas nk ingat>>DRUGS!heuwww~ mechanism of action n the name of the drugs kind of irritate my vomitting centre!huhu...just 3 yrs more to complete my degree but i don't have the i qualify to be a doctor?oh allah help me..hope by 4th n 5th yr i'll improve a lot..

erm stop babbling...suppose to sleep early but yet...still typing...kena hantar milah esok huhu..first time driving to machang. then attend a wedding ceremony....ayik mkn nasi myk je..icrease tryglicerides n LDL huhu>>atheroscelorosis! doctors most of the time not practicing healthy lifestyle even they knw the consequence huhu..btw congratz to my seniors n also frens yg dh berkahwin =) to kak kema n cik khai esp..k.kema sgt cantik aritu!

enough dear..k la got to sleep..already 3 a.m huhu..can't wait to see my dentist dr rozita this wed..hope everything's settle..


Monday, June 1, 2009 at 2:47 AM

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