cacing 3 kilooo..

assalammualaikum w.b.t

lapang sebelum sempit>>that's the phrase! cuti 3 bulan ni saya tak rasa banyak benda berfaedah yang saya buat di rumah:( TV pun dh tak minat nak tengok mcm zmn muda2 dulu..hee...layan la jugak drama-drama kat tv3 cm she wolf n sayang cendana..hee~ pastu tgk uber cup badminton... kalau dah start tgk match esp badminton n football agak semangatla jugak.. paling best tgk time hafiz hashim lawan..mendebarkan! hee~ but most of my time rs nya...makan,tdo..baca buku nye semangat kejap je..heee~ naaa...wht am i babling about nih?????aiseyyy..hehe... bosan sgt,bored to death??nope2..hee~bape banyak hee ntah..hee~

Actually i just read an email...know what?? 3 kg of worms in the intestine of a child..i've seen worms came out from my cat's sis pulled it out..warna putih,if not mistaken round worm...white round worm..yuckss!then when i'm in med school..i've learned there are plenty of worms...from flat to round..then even tape worm lah kan..hee~ n those creatures will cause you various diseases and side effect if..if you breed them inside your body..hehe..n now i'm just babling again..hee~
just nak share these pictures..kepada ibu bapa di luar out! jagalah anak2..give them advice n train them to keep everything clean..basuh tangan bersih2 before makan, pakai kasut kat dalam toilet n so on..simple isn't..but many problems could rise if not take it seriously..

bak kata consultant dalam APA-APA AJE pg td..we used to hear "practice make perfect" but now we should take it as "practice make permanent"..according to a study as he said..jika kita buat sesuatu dalam masa 10 ooo jam we would expert to do takes about 3 years if we practice it 8hrs daily.. if we keep doing something for 8000 hrs in our life time, kita hanya boleh sampai tahap bagusje..but not expert in 'that thing'..

so, as a conclusion..parents should be the 'coach' that could train their children in a coach that could give them a good role model, hopefully they will imitate the 'good things'..ecee i'm talking about parenting skill lah..hee~ erm kena banyak belajar..ilmu juga kan even not having children lagi..hehe..but really hope readers could take something even it sounds like alaaa "common things" je kan..sharing is caring:)

"practice make permanent"

Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 11:41 PM

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