Adoyai! really 'thank' my fren ain sabrina for giving me this so called 'tag assignment'!
actually i'm a bit lazy lately..hehehe..really not hv enough time for myself..yela tu...but then still got time to stick my eyes on novels!waakkakaka..tapi kalau bc buku medic..xsampai 15mnt ngantuk! ada ke patut..but really love to be a medical student..learning about us the human being!bla..bla..dh mula dh..hehe..

1) Copy badge “2009 Cute’s Blogger Award” at my blog .

2) Link/narrate about the fella that give the award to you.

3) All tagged blogger must state 10 facts/hobby of himself before picking the next award receiver (tagging).

4) You have to choose 5 fellas to give the award to and post their name in your blog.
5) Don’t forget to visit your fellas’ blogs and tell ‘em they are tagged! goes the tasks:

2) ain sabrina???? xkenal sgt act with ain..em salu ckp ngn ain pasal hal nk blik pnang hehe..ain belikan ada gak susahkan ain dlu..pinjam kete die utk MPI huhu bwak donut...tuela keje part time tambah dwet MPI huhu..really2 thanx her,semoga allah m'balas jasamu ain! so overall ain is a nice person. really addicted to novels i think..better log on to

3)-people call me akma,akmal,kema..
-my fren used to call me 'pengulas'..why??i love to tell story..
-some of my boy frens said i got high pitching voice...yes i am!it's genetics!hewhehe..
-nakal jugak at certain ngusik ain esp..hehe..
-quite emotional person esp with that russian guy!huahuahua..but now okla..we're fren!
-extrovert, easy to get new frens wherever i just few minutes i started the conversation..huahua
-ppl said i'm an independent girl..yes i am!
-like a debater when present at front of the class..dr dlu smpai skng..n like to move hands oso!
-mabuk darah..xtau cane nk jd doc nnt huhu..
-love the way i am!!but then forced to undergo surgery this june may be..i'll cut off my it's x a plastic surgery ok!

4)i'll choose

xtaula...most of my very close fren xde blog huhu!
itu jela dlu...mst i got different perception kn...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 11:00 PM

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