it's been a long time i'm not writing's just because i'm too lazy to 'menari2kn my finger on this keyboard'..and now i just want to release myself from this kemalasan yg each day haunted me!! i just afraid of myself... after failing my test it seems not give any body stop reacting on it...wut i can say..'fearless','heartless'...all my sympathetic impulses just like stop at the spinal cord...xmeresap to any effector organ after knowing that i've fail on that day!

each day i talk to myself...thinking to infinity! why failure not afffecting me anymore?am i just accept it? yeah i do accept qada & qadar that allah gv it on purpose for sure..but then why i'm still xeven can process it to motivate myself? lazy-ness just like a symptom or virus that attacking me each day from my brain pass through all the arteries and veins and keep deposited within myself..
yet...i didn't seek any treatment to overcome it until it's kill me day by day..

please someone take me out from all of this..please 'burn up' my soul with words..

Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 12:31 AM